This is the info page for SI Discourse, an inclusive and moderated forum for Structural Integration (SI) practitioners.

SI Discourse is a project of Liberation Somatics, formed by a group of SI practitioners. More about us here.

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About SI Discourse


The mission of SI Discourse is to foster deeper connection and collaboration amongst certified Structural Integration practitioners globally. With inclusivity and mutual respect as guiding principles, we aim for this community-moderated space to be one that inspires and grows the practice and teaching of SI through shared knowledge and experience.


This is a place to connect and share with people who are passionate about Structural Integration, and all the ways it interconnects with our experiences. We want people to have a good online experience here; the administrators and moderators take the health of this community seriously, and we will adapt as challenges arise.

Discourse is a community-moderated platform designed to encourage civilized conversation and connection without ads or other distractions. Here, you have the option to seamlessly engage both with your immediate colleagues (e.g. other Rolfers or Guilders), other practitioners with a specialty (e.g. perinatal care), and with the community as a whole. No separate pages.

Key Features

As a diverse and international group of colleagues, we have an enormous wealth of experiences, perspectives, questions, and more to offer and share with each other.

We all know that online dialog inevitably has problems, and this platform won’t be immune to them, but here are a few of the advantages that SI Discourse offers our discussions:

  • Built-in translation for our international community
  • Conversations become a permanent knowledge base for the community.
  • Conversations are supported with categories, topics, and tags.
  • A powerful search engine helps you find topics and key words.
  • Private messaging and private group messages are built in.
  • Data-harvesting and privacy-intrusive companies are not involved.

Here are some of the key attributes of our community:

  • All SI practitioners are welcome.
  • Members are allowed access to SI Discourse according to their training in an IASI-recognized SI program. Practitioners from other programs can join us with endorsement of three colleagues from a recognized program.

SI Discourse has an absolute commitment to safe, respectful, and inclusive discussion. Here are some of the ways we support a fair and professional community:

  • Users agree to adhere to community guidelines.
  • Conversations are actively moderated by the community and by assigned moderators.
  • Moderators agree to adhere to standards of fairness, and can be voted on by the community.


If you're a certified SI practitioner and want to join, click the button below.

Visit us at forum.si-discourse.org